For higher-performance single-carburetor A-block builds, finding an AFB that came on mid- to late-60’s LA340/RB engines will likely yield 600 – 728 CFM. Once the carburetor is in my hand, I can dial in the CFM using the known throttle bore and venturi dimensions detailed below. The following Mopar AFB data with CFM come from Paul Cesarine .... "/>

Carter afb carburetor manual

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1939-60 carter 1 barrel ball ball bb black carburetor float txt) or read online for free the carter bbd is a two barrel carburetor that came in two variations, one is computer controlled and has a stepper motor on the back side again better fuel/air to each of the 3 siamesed intakes bore size approximately 1 7/16 inch bore size approximately 1.
1967 290 American S/T Carter AFB 4353 : 1967 343 Carter AFB 6046 : 1967 343 Export (R.H.D) Carter AFB 4355 : 1967 343 Ambassador A/T Carter AFB 4354 : 1967 343 American, Ambassador Carter AFB 4258 : 1967 343 AFB ...
CARTER DUAL 4-BARREL CARBURETORS The Carter Model AFB 4-barrel carburetors used in the 425 cubic inch engine dUal 4-barrel option are very s i As pictured. Throttle Lever Ball Stud 5/16 Carburetor New 22-70 Ball Stud Connector with Nut.
9635S CARTER AFB CARBURETOR $260.00. QTY. This item is out of stock. Carter AFB 9635S, Electric Choke, 625 CFM. Remanufactured & Supplied with a mounting gasket. Featured. sig p365 grip sleeve 16 inch paper ...
carter, afb jet sizes. slant running rich.Page 1 of 1 [ 2 posts ] Previous topic | Next topic : Author Message; 62hypapak Post subject: carter, afb jet sizes. slant running rich.Post Posted: Wed. I put a Carter AFB 625 CFM on my Buick 455 due to I messed up the original Quadrajet and I need to have the car running while I get another quadrajet, the thing here is that.